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LYNNE STEWART, political-prisoner attorney just freed on a compassionate release order, talks about her incarceration and activism, calling particular attention to another inmate at her facility, Mary Mason, sentenced for over 20 years for, among other accusations, destroying boats owned by a mink farmer, and actions against gmo”s + MR X, undercover investigator, begins part 1 of his attack on the myth that “family farms” are somehow better than “factory farms” + fitness and nutrition expert MELISSA BREY from + “Animal Rights Commentary with Professor GARY FRANCIONE” – Does Sex Sell? + an expression of appreciation for the work of Mel Richardson and Robert Goodland, who both recently passed away + in tribute to Goodland, BOB discusses why animal advocates should NOT quote the flawed UN Food and Agriculture Org’s estimate of an 18% contribution to greenhouse gas emissions by animal ag WHEN IT IS MORE THAN 51%!!!