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Please help us get to the World Choir Games in Riga! truly be a choir that young people from the greater Cape Town area can aspire to, it is essential for the Cape Town Youth Choir to tour internationally at least once every three years.Our tour in July 2014 to Riga to participate in the World Choir Games will cost each of our members 2,200 Euros. Since we started planning the tour at the beginning of 2012, the Rand Euro Exchange rate has increased the cost of the tour in Rands from ±R 22,000 to ±R 31,000. This is a significant increase and will, unfortunately, make the cost of touring an unreachable milestone for many of our members. As such, we would like to ask you to please consider making a donation towards the tour costs so that all of our members can make it to Riga!Alternatively, or in addition, we would like to suggest that you consider signing a debit order towards the next tour in either 2016 or 2017, thus enabling an economically disadvantaged youngster to dream and grow.You can help us out through GivenGain as above or you can contact us at to make a direct donation!Any and all help is appreciated! Please help us get all our members to Riga in July this year!Cape Town Youth Choir (formerly Pro Cantu): "Calon Lan"Conductor: Leon StarkerComposer: John Hughes (1873-1932)Performed at Hugo Lambrechts Auditorium, Cape Town (16th July 2013) in a joint concert with the Whiffenpoofs of YaleWebsite: Play Music: LânJohn Hughes (1873-1932)HymnJohn Hughes was a Welsh Composer and deacon at Salem Welsh Baptist Chapel who wrote the well-known hymn Cwm Rhondda, the tune for which is also used in the popular English hymn Guide me, O thou great redeemer. Calon Lân is a Welsh hymn that is sung at most rugby matches involving the Welsh national team.Nid wy'n gofyn bywyd moethus,Aur y byd na'i berlau mân:Gofyn wyf am galon hapus,Calon onest, calon lân.I don't ask for a luxurious life,the world's gold or its fine pearls,I ask for a happy heart,an honest heart, a pure heart.Chorus:Calon lân yn llawn daioni,Tecach yw na'r lili dlos:Dim ond calon lân all ganuCanu'r dydd a chanu'r nos.A pure heart full of goodness,Is fairer than the pretty lily:None but a pure heart can sing,Sing in the day and sing in the night.Pe dymunwn olud bydol,Chwim adenydd iddo sydd;Golud calon lân, rinweddol,Yn dwyn bythol elw fydd.If I wished for worldly wealth,It would swiftly go to seed;The riches of a virtuous, pure heartWill bear eternal profit.Hwyr a bore fy nymuniadEsgyn ar adenydd cânAr i Dduw, er mwyn fy Ngheidwad,Roddi i mi galon lân.Evening and morning, my wishRising to heaven on the wing of songFor God, for the sake of my Saviour,To give me a pure heart.