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Jason Butler –

Jason Butler is the Lead Pastor of Transformation City Church in Milwaukee, WI where he lives with his wife and two children. He is the co-founder of Inhabit: Live Into Community, the founder & president of Exploit No More whose mission is to end child sex trafficking in Milwaukee and author of Dangerous Presence: Following Jesus into the City.

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Has Your God-Given Ministry Been Hijacked by Fear?

While serving in a remote Russian village, Jason Butler saw an orphan eating an orange peel. There was little else to eat. Grieving and angry, he began to ask himself what he could do. What he should do.

The only way to make a genuine difference, he concluded, was to move to the village and live among the orphans. Such a move would cost Jason’s career, future, and life. So, like most of us would, he chose not to take the risk.

But unlike many of us, Jason’s initial failure to trust God haunted him . . . and eventually changed his life.

In Dangerous Presence, Jason Butler tells how God eventually gave him a second chance to follow Jesus into the hard places and how he learned that the Christian who ministers among the broken and oppressed actually becomes a danger to the powers of oppression and injustice.

With an engaging, verbal style, Butler weaves biblical narrative and inspiring real-life stories of urban ministry into a prophetic call for Christians to become a dangerous presence to the forces of injustice in the cities of America and around the world.


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They Said It

As a movement, we treasure the individual getting right with God, the religious born-again experience, the innovative way to do mission. Sounds good, but when individual trumps communal, experience trumps received teaching, and innovation trumps the Great Tradition, you get exactly what we’ve all just lived through.

Anglican pastor, Kevin Miller from an article that appeared in Leadership Magazine, “The Strange Yet Familiar Tale of Brian, Rob, and Don.”

SOURCE: Christianity Today

But the failure in Apple’s code means SecureTransport isn’t checking the certificates properly, and anyone who wanted could masquerade as your banking site, your email, or worse. It starts with Safari, but it doesn’t stop there. According to researcher Ashkan Soltani, the vulnerability extends to every application built on Apple’s SSL library, including FaceTime, Mail, and Calendar. They’re some of the core elements of the Mac ecosystem.

Russell Brandon reporting on what he calls “…Apples epic security flaw.”

SOURCE: The Verge

No one convicted of violent crimes, arson or crimes involving children is allowed into Bedford’s program. McDougall landed in prison after she got caught stealing silverware. She said she needed the money to buy drugs, including prescription pills and cocaine. By the time she was sent to prison, McDougall said she was clean, but also pregnant.

JuJu Chang reporting about Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for Women in Bedford Hills, N.Y and their program that allows incarcerated pregnant women to raise their own babies behind bars.

SOURCE: Yahoo News

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