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A bill that makes under-the-limit driving in the left lane of any of Virginia’s 12 divided highways a criminal act has been put up for a vote. If you have a habit of driving under the speed limit while in the left lane, you may want to avoid the state of Virginia. A bill that makes driving under the speed limit in the left lane of any of the state’s 12 highways a criminal act, had been submitted to the House Transportation Committee.Currently, citations can be issued if the pokey motorist is interrupting the flow of traffic. Tickets can also be earned by refusing to move to the right and let another motorist pass. Delegate Israel O’Quinn is looking to amend those rules to include anyone who’s not keeping up with the posted speed, disruption or not. O’Quinn, whose district includes a section of I-81, regularly fields complaints on the matter from irritated drivers, particularly those who travel along the route’s hilly sections. Said O’Quinn, “You can have people in the lef