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Construction workers in Florida got a not so nice surprise last month after a massive beehive, weighing 40 pounds, was discovered. Bees are not as selective as humans when finding a home. Construction workers in Florida recently got an unpleasant surprise after a massive beehive, weighing 40 pounds, was discovered.The hive was located underneath a large shipping container used to house construction equipment on the grounds of Miami International Airport.Inside the hive, there were about 40 thousand bees. They were evidently quite busy too. 25 pounds of honey was uncovered. After the hive was spotted, the Miami-Dade Aviation Department was contacted for assistance. Authorities there decide not to exterminate them and instead found a beekeeper, who spent two days gathering the bees and transporting them to a local farm. The honey was also taken to the same location so it could be bottled. According to reports, the beekeeper encountered dozens of bee stings during the efforts.