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Check out the list of countries that consume the most caffeine. According to recent global statistics, odds are you may have some form of caffeine in your hands right now. Whether coffee, tea, or soda, it’s clear that the world loves its caffeine. Overall, the Netherlands has the largest caffeine intake, with the average Dutch person consuming 414 milligrams daily. The top 5 are all Nordic countries withGermany, Austria, Switzerland, France, and Australia rounding out the top 10. With Starbucks and many other coffee and tea shops covering the American landscape, it’s surprising that Americans only drink an average of 168 milligrams daily. When looking specifically at coffee, America comes in 25th in its per capita consumption. Again, the Nordic countries take the top slots with Canada, Brazil, and other European countries drinking the most coffee. Chances are if your country’s not among the coffee drinkers, you might have tea instead. Turkey drinks by far the most tea, follow