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Directed by : Gilles Bourdos Produced by : Nord-Ouest Films Genre: Fiction - Runtime: 2 h 17 min French release: 04/02/2004 Production year: 2003 When she was seven, Elise Gardet witnessed her mother’s brutal murder. Ever since, she has tried to forget this unsolved crime. She’s now 18. She’s beautiful. But her bourgeois family and her stepmother’s anxiety are suffocating her. Bruno Keller grew up in the industrial wasteland on the outskirts of town. To extricate himself from a family environment he loathes, Bruno increasingly withdraws into his idealistic dreams. Only contemporary art lights up his life. Obsessed about the color white, Bruno wants to create a world of beauty with which he can meld. Bruno and Elise never should have met. And yet…More info: