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In this episode, I take on the 1983 Laserdisc arcade classic, Don Bluth's "Dragon's Lair." Lead on, adventurer! Your quest awaits! If you like what you see, then please comment, like, share and subscribe. It helps me out and helps keep you up-to-date as to when new episodes are released. Also, go check out my other YouTube channel, Rose Colored Reviews ( I am also a contributing writer/video producer for and a video producer for You can listen to me live on On Tuesday nights 8pm Eastern/7 p.m. Central, I co-host a show called "Geek Speak LIVE!" Saturday nights 8 p.m. Eastern/7 p.m. Central, I also co-host a show called "I Got Gameplay. CONTACT: e-mail: Twitter: TravisGoss79 Facebook: