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This is episode 3 of animated version the 1940's onward .. radio show that ran for 10 years. In this episode clark kent investigates the mysterious disappearances of some trains and conductors. I have of course added my own slapstick humour to the video to give it that pixel junkies twist of wierdness. Some of the sound effects are well interesting. Especially a scene at the end of the video that takes place on the side of a mountain. You will also find that a thread of a humourous line spoken in the previous video after a daring rescue from a trolley car was expanded on. I will leave you to make the connections. Alas the scene will only make sense if you watched episode 2 and remember that line of dialogue lets see who remembers it shall we? I hope you enjoy watching this as much as I enjoyed planning it and bringing it to life in this video :)