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Kulcha is a very popular recipe that goes very well with any vegetable gravy dish but mint kulcha is a twist to the traditional stuffed kulcha. Learn how to make this simple and easy to make quick homemade naan recipe. Ingredients: 1 tsp Yeast 2 tsp Sugar Lukewarm Water 2 cups Plain Flour Salt 1 tsp Ghee Mint Leaves Method: - Soak the yeast, sugar in lukewarm water and let it rest for 2 - 3 mins. - Take flour, salt, ghee in a bowl and mix them well - Pour yeast water in the flour mix as per need to make a dough - Sprinkle flour on a board and knock the dough till it stops sticking to your hand. - Make depression in the center of the dough and keep it in a bowl and cover it with clean wrap - Keep the dough for a min of 1.5 hrs - Take a small portion of the dough and make round balls out of it. - Roll it with a rolling pin in round sized roti - Apply ghee on roti, sprinkle some flour on it and also chopped mint leaves. - Fold the roti in a semi circle and roll the semi circle roti - Turn it and keep it upright and press it down. - Roll it in plain flour again and cook it on a hot pan. - Apply ghee on both sides and cook it.