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Erol Exposes Psychopaths, Who Bully Humans for "Sexual-pleasure," Existential-revenge, Greed & to bolster Their "Grandiose Delusions" .... Erol's A Living+Christ & STRIPS DOWN the jabbering BEAST, laying Bare the tiny-minded Vermin as They Truly Are, behind Their endless stream of Bullshit .... In This, His Ground+Breaking, World+Famous, Stand+Up Comedy Video, "Erol On LAW," He reveals that psychopaths MAKE UP the LAWS You incorrectly & needlessly obey .... With His Great Christlike Heart, Erol Calls Upon You to Follow Him as He rids the World of "evil" People & Their "paedophile-borne" rules .... Help Him SAVE The World & in so doing, REDEEM Your hell-bound Soul .... Jewtube claims to be ANTI Bullying, it DOESN'T get any more ANTI-Bully than A Living+Christ EXPOSING villains & Raising the Awareness of "The Few" Humans out There Who LOVE Children & KNOW They NEVER "have to" Surrender "Meekly" to Genocidal-paedpohiles & "Their" RINGS of Complicit AUTHORITAAAH, All of Whom are TRAITORS Who "NEED hung ...." FOLLOW Erol, He Is Our MORAL+Leader, due to His EVOLVED Brain .... He Will FREE "Your" Mind, As He TRULY Is A Living+Christ .... However, You don't have Much time, as You're being slowly killed by Those Who've ingrained THEIR ill-wishes into Your Pathology, since Primary CONcentration-campus .... Erol Makes His Insight HILARIOUS so that even an Ordinary Monkey like You Can Understand .... After+Which You'll Realise the POTENTIAL You have & the Life You MUST Be Leading, which "They" are STEALING from You, "whilst" Battering You repeatedly from Every angle .... Because, They FEAR "YOU" !!!! "Presently," They're getting-away with EVERY atrocity under the Sun because They APPEAR to Have The Majority fooled, but They "DON'T," so PUT ASIDE "divisions" & hatred of Your "Neighbour" & RECOGNISE apathy as "State-programmed" Self-Destruction, amongst Others .... Join Forces, with A Living+Christ, You'll NEVER Have A Greater Opportunity .... You CAN Do IT You...