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First heavy snowstorms, now record low temperatures. The deadly Artic blast bashing northern America is set to continue.Flight delays and cancellations plagued thousands of would-be travellers already grounded by up to 60 centimetres of snowfall and icy runways.Forecasters say temperatures in the US Mid-West could exceed minus 50 degrees Celsius with the wind-chill effect. In Canada, temperatures have dropped to minus 20 and 38 degrees in Toronto and Quebec respectively.But the cold snap has not stopped all in its tracks. In Wisconsin, the Green Bay Packers invited their fans to help clean up their stadium ahead of the NFL wildcard play-off game against the San Francisco Giants. It is expected to be among the coldest matches on record but some 40,000 tickets have been sold.Elsewhere, officials have asked people to take extra precautions when out or remain indoors after having stocked up on essential supplies.