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We were given the hangout link from an insider so we decided to go in and talk to Repzion civilly and try and get past our issues, instead... he immediately removes us from the Google Hangout even though we hadn't done anything at first. He then blames the blocking's on an "Automatic Blocker" in his Google Hangout (Which doesn't exist) instead of admitting it was himself. So after he made the decision to try and censor us after we did absolutely nothing wrong, he got what he deserved... penis pics. But of course his fanboys defended him and his bullshit claim that he has the supposed "Auto Blocker" feature enabled and even went as far as claiming they used it themselves.... something that isn't even real... JUST to fucking defend their idol to get good with them even more! To these people, hanging out with a popular YouTuber is way more important than.... I dunno... calling Daniel out on abusing the DMCA feature to file false claims on videos which fell under fair use. Very sad people indeed!