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"My current boyfriend had taken me on a lovely night hike. After that, he broke out the card game Munchkin that he had brought with him. We proceeded to play Munchkin in the middle of a deserted cul-de-sac (we were 17). He rigged the game so I would draw a homemade card of his. He had taped over one of the cards and wrote, "Curse! Ball and Chain. Whoever plays this card is level 10 and wins, but they have to date [boyfriend's name]." It's funny because he knew exactly when I was going to draw the card, but I held it in my hand for a couple of turns before I finally played it. He totally thought I was rejecting him, but, really, I'm just tricksy like that.This post is made exponentially better if the reader has played Munchkin. I still carry the card around with me in my wallet, and we've been dating for almost four years. Yay for cheesy stories and nerdy card/board games!"