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Directed by : Doug Lefler Genre: Fiction - Runtime: 1 h 41 min French release: 19/09/2007 Production year: 2006 Rome, 476 A.D.: the Roman Empire is threatened by the Barbarian armies. Oreste, master of the Roman Empire in the West, attends the coronation of his son Romulus Augustus. He who will be named the last of the Cesars will be henceforth threatened by grave danger. Despite the protection offered by Aurelius, the commander of the fourth legion, Romulus is captured by Odoacre, chief of the Goths. Taken to the island fortress of Capri, he discovers Cesar’s legendary sword there, the sword marked by the prophecy: “One side to defend, one side to vanquish… Destiny for he who is called to reign.” With his brothers in arms, Aurelius, and the magnificent and dangerous Mira, Romulus and the magician Ambrosinus leave for England looking for the valorous ninth legion, the last army loyal to Rome.More info: