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While his Gunday star Arjun Kapoor had already made his heterosexuality amply clear, actor Ranveer Singh seems to be highly riding on a metro-sexual trip. Wondering why are we claiming this? Well, we'll get you through the story and you too will laugh amazed! Going by reports, Ranveer is believed to lunge at every male friend and plant kisses all over their faces. Yes you heard that right! Referring to Deepika's recent success party, Ranveer was seen to be in one of his best moods sharing bundle of joys with his folks and dear ones. However, apart from lending hugs at the party, Ranveer was all over the place kissing his male guests. Not only did he climb over Arjun Kapoor but also pounced on director Sanjay Leela Bhansali, kissed him all over the face and also tried to smooch! But thankfully, Bhansali pushed him back and the moment was missed! Whoa...we wonder if Ranveer is changing sides! To the men in town...Please Beware!