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Emergency services have been working to secure the area following Monday’s trolley-bus explosion in Volgograd.Russian Health Minister Veronika Skvortsova arrived in the city after Sunday’s train station explosion.She spoke from the scene of Monday’s blast.“All the people injured have serious injuries,” she said. “They’re suffering from burns and multiple traumas – typical injuries after an explosion.”An eyewitness account of Volgograd’s second blast in two days described the destruction Monday’s explosion caused.“I heard a loud bang and soon after, people were shouting,” said the witness. “I thought it was strange and wondered what happened, and continued to the bus stop. When I got closer, I saw what had really happened. It was not a fire cracker, it appeared to be an explosion. At first, I did not realise it was a trolley-bus. People around were saying: ‘trolley-bus, trolley-bus!’ It was such a wreck that at first sight, it did not look like a trolley-bus.”Monday’s blast will undoubtedly raise fears for security ahead of the February 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.