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If you purchased something from a mobile device on Christmas Day, chances are that device was an iPhone or an iPad. So says IBM, whose latest Digital Analytics Benchmark Report found that purchases made from iOS devices accounted for about 23 percent of the online shopping done on Christmas Day in the U.S. According to Big Blue, which tracked millions of transactions from approximately 800 U.S. retail websites, that’s about five times as many purchases as the 4.6 percent that were made from Android devices. Ever wondered how engineers kept prying eyes off the 2015 Ford Mustang as it underwent development over the past couple of years? Well, a video from the Ford Motor Company provides some insight into the steps engineers take to conceal as much as possible the prototypes they drive, often out in plain view of the public. In the video, the prototypes are covered in special materials designed to hide the details. Fake body extensions, typically crafted from foam, are added to the body as an additional ruse. Considering the 2015 Mustang was one of the most anticipated cars of the year, one that everyone wanted to get a look at, keeping the car hidden until the reveal was a crucial goal for the engineers. Samsung's reported Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 tablet may have just gotten its first bit of public exposure. A series of FCC documents published on Thursday point to a new device from Samsung with the model number SM-T320 . One of the documents reveals other details, including a diagonal size for the device of 240 milimeters (9.4 inches), while another document dubs it a "portable tablet ." Reports have surfaced that Samsung will unveil a trio of Galaxy Pro tablets sometime early next year. The lineup will allegedly include the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4, the Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1, and the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2. All three should reach consumers before March, according to blog site Sammobile.