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Chinese authorities recently stumbled across an underground tunnel that terminates in Hong Kong. They suspect it was put there by smugglers. Chinese authorities uncovered an underground tunnel that terminates in Hong Kong and believe it was put there by smugglers. The point of origin is in Shenzhen and the concrete-walled pathway extends 130 feet underwater. It exits into some reed-beds in Hong Kong. Authorities believe that the tunnel was constructed and funded by a crime syndicate looking to move phones and electronics into the city. It’s only about three feet high, but is equipped with ventilation and lighting.Had it been completed, the gangs using it could have made a considerable sum bypassing Hong Kong’s border taxes and fees. It was discovered just short of being finished, however, and the estimated half a million dollar investment in construction costs will end up not, in fact, paying off. Authorities were tipped off about the clandestine building project by a resident who called in a complaint about loud drilling noises. Their investigation into the matter resulted in the discovery of the tunnel, tools, and some rails that were likely intended for ease of merchandise transport. The passageway has since been destroyed and a man believed to be linked to its creation is in custody.