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The awful weather has ruined Christmas for many people in southern England, the part of Britain the worst affected by the Christmas floods. Four important rivers, the Stour, Medway, Wey, and Mole are overflowing or close to breaking their banks.“In an hour everything was just wiped out. You could just see the current just taking everything down,” said one unhappy homeowner.Hundreds of homes have been evacuated. Cars have been left stranded by the sides of roads.“The fire brigade were here. There was such a commotion, lots of people, somebody shouting ‘help, help, help’ because there’s no lights in this part of the road. There was another car as well, some people going to the airport, and they had children in the car and what happened eventually they had to go and get a boat. But there’s such a current that the boat wouldn’t go where they wanted it to go so it took quite a little while to get the people out of the van,” said another flooded-out victim.While the weather is expected to calm by tomorrow, a fresh belt of rain and high winds is expected to hit the UK on Friday. The authorities are urging people to only travel if absolutely necessary.