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Available from Check us out on Facebook at Also on Twitter at This 2 DVD set concludes the triptych started with The Attic is in my safe and Melting Pot. Dominique Duvivier traces the atmosphere sessions between experts. Nuggets to achieve unexpectedly or not. To consume without limits 12 routines and objects filmed in public explained in detail. Love Dominica magic is contagious. - Derek DelGaudio It blows my mind its something Ive never seen before - Chad LONG Contents DVD 1 Bluff Sandwich Control As M Fast Away Locator The 3 Packages of 7 Think Sonic. Bonus - Extract Intimate 3 - Discussion DVD 2 Faroleros 4 to 4 Mystery Chest Change Session Quiet Triomphe. Bonus - Discussion Super Bonus - Tickets 2001 Strengths Almost 4 hours of magic From simple to sophisticated Various Effects Bonus End of the show Intimate 3 French bilingual DVD / English