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Available from Check us out on Facebook at Also on Twitter at Shotput is a completely bare handed shot glass productions that is a killer opening effect or a great surprise in the middle of your show. When we say bare handed we mean bare no wires loops strings sticky stuff magnets etc. There is no rubber covers no squash balls no traditional palming or slight of hand involved. Its incredibly easy to perform and can also be produced from a variety of objects such as a folded up envelope crumbled up sack a rolled up dollar bill iPhone etc. On the DVD that comes with your shot glass Kyle teaches you handful of different ways to produce the shot glass. He also shows how to start with this effect or do it in the middle of your set. Each Shotput comes with a well produced DVD and a custom made shot glass. FACTS NO RUBER COVERS NO SQUSH BALLS or PULLS No Loops strings or wires No sticky stuff No magnets No palming Nothing to ditch Produce full or empty Produce from a folder envelope crumbled sack rolled up dollar bill etc. Produce bare handed Produce in the beginning or in the middle of your show Can be done 1 on 1 or for a large audience After produced you are completely clean nothing to ditch Can be reset in two seconds