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Google is the new home of Big Dog, Cheetah and a whole bunch of animal like robots - many familiar to millions of YouTube fans. Google bought Boston Dynamics- a privately held company- known for building robots that look like something out of a science fiction movie- often co-developed or funded by the military. Google has already bought more than half a dozen robotics companies- and could have big plans: Forrester's Frank Gillett: SOUNDBITE: FRANK GILLETT, PRINCIPAL ANALYST, FORRESTER RESEARCH (ENGLISH) SAYING: "'One of them is to automate the production of phones and gadgets that Google would like to make and have others make in order to bring their costs down and enable much more widespread use." Google has the luxury of lots of money- so they can afford to invest in ideas that sound wacky- but eventually become reality- think Google Glass. In this case- Gillett also says the robots could be used with their mapping projects- like driverless cars: