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Over two years after the fall of the Gaddafi regime, Libyans are still dreaming of law and order. But they find themselves surrounded by chaos, in an explosive environment under the control of both tribal and extremist militia. Libya has become a source of concern throughout the region. To discuss topics such as disarmament, security, economy and the vision for the new Libyan state, Euronews talked to the President of the interim government in Libya , Mr Ali Zeidan.Daleen Hassan, euronews: “The world wants to hear from you, what is happening in Libya?”Ali Zeidan, Libyan Prime Minister: “What is happening in Libya is the natural fallout of a huge event that shook the whole of Libya at different levels. It caused a situation of insecurity, which provoked negative repercussions. This state of affairs is normal in the transitional phase, although it harmed the Libyan people. I really wish that we could have avoided the crisis we went through to reach this stage but realistically, in the circumstances, that was not possible. I see that there are still great hopes to change the situation and I think that now there is some degree of control.”Daleen Hassan , euronews: “As an interim government, you were tasked with leading the transition from the previous system to a safe institutional state. Do you think you’ve been successful in your mission?”Ali Zeidan, Libyan Prime Minister: “In my opinion, at least over the past three months, we have seen significant development, the most important part being that we have actually established an army and a police force. Lately we have seen the first police officers graduate, and they have begun working on the task of maintaining security in the streets.”“Armed brigades are now on their way out of Tripoli. Secondly, we are working on integrating all militia members wanting to join the army or the police.“We are in a process of intensive training and this will help to improve the security situation, and the government will be able to...