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Available from have seen it during the Dominique Duviviers shows in Double Fond either live or in one of his video programs...You have wanted it to use in your own performances...You have requested it from the shop..The Mini Duvivier Wallet is now available again ... this time in a leather versionIn a cardholder format it looks completely harmless. It is in fact a replacement wallet or Himber Wallet in the purest tradition but with that revolutionary Duvivier plus which changes everything ... and which will enable your accessory to be examined.Nine routines (yes you have read it correctly 9 routines) are explained to you in detail on the DVD accompanying the equipment original routines signed by Dominique Duvivier Alexandra Duvivier (See Savings Plan by clicking on the Associated Product below) and Quoc Tien Tran big classics revisited and brought up to date as well as the use of this marvelous wallet full of useful tips which will enable you to develop your own applicationsYou will need this accessory whatever your technical level whether you are a beginner or an expert in performing card tricksDo not hesitate to acquire this essential tool for yourselfWhat people think of itFor those who might pass this item by do not make the same mistake twice (lol) comfortable to handle looks harmless impeccably produced (of course) and enabling you to go much further in your preferred routines what are you waiting for-Florian Chapron Product received the same day. Excellent quality. This is what comes to mind as soon as our 100 small fingers come into contact with the item. I have in my possession what can from now on be qualified as the old model and despite the high quality of this old version it is clear that the leather version is superior to anything else. Very comfortable to handle very lightweight it is nothing but pleasure ... And the acrylic is just excellent for giving our effects a theme. A very