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Available from in 1 effectsTeleport 12 pencils from one side to another Show a pencil box empty and place it aside on top of your table or give it to a kid to hold it. Now present another pencil box showing 12 pencils of different colors. Remove one of them and give it to another kid to hold tell them that you are now going to teleport all the pencils from one side to another wave your hand over the pencils and they will vanish in a blink of an eye Now open the other box to show that all the pencils have travel but not the one the kid was holding grab it and place it inside to complete the 12 pencils box.Vanish 12 Pencils in the most visual way Use one of the boxes to perform the most visual vanishing ever created for 12 pencils in the magic market.Appear 12 Pencils in the box A classic of magic now brought to a kids trick. Show an empty box of pencils wave your hand over and now appear 12 solid pencils.A perfect routine for Kids Shows Parlor and Stge Magic. Great for Kid Magicians Entertainers Clowns Comedians and MCsThe Kit come complete with two special gimmicked boxes pencils instructional DVD and everything you will need to perform this entertaining routine.