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Available from THIS IS THE FOURTEENTH IN A SERIES OF DVDS DEDICATED TO EFFECTS USING ESP CARDS. SEVERAL FAMOUS PERFORMERS HAVE CONTRIBUTED TO CREATE A HIGH STANDARD DVD WITH STRONG EFFECTS AND ROUTINES. Contents SUPERIMPOSED (Arun Bonerjee) A spectator selects two symbols by cutting the deck. You predicted those symbols in a very original and funny way ESP BUNDLE (Jozsef Kovacs) A spectator cuts the deck and places a face-up card in the middle (say a Cross). Then he makes packets of cards. At the top of each packet the same symbol appears. Finally you find the fifth matching symbol COLORIFIC (Felix Greenfield) A truly sensational effect. Five spectators freely select five cards each from the top or bottom of the deck at random and each find five different symbols DOUBLETAKE (Max Maven) With the cards in his hand a spectator selects two cards. You take the packet and mimic the spectators actions arriving at mates for the two selections DOUBLY IMPOSSIBLE (Michael Symes) First you divine a chosen design by sense of touch alone and then you predict a second design. Youll love the method PREDICTEX (Leslie May) The performer demonstrates he has a prior-knowledge of an ESP symbol a spectator will subsequently select QUAPEN (Howard Adams) An outstanding routine with twelve ESP cards and two coins. An amazing series of coincidences ESP-BINGO (Mat Roelofs) The performer names the symbol of the spectator taken at the start of the routine and another four selected cards appear to bear the same symbol REGATTA (Leslie May) You proceed to reveal the identity of a selected ESP card chosen while you shuffle the deck YOU ARE A STAR (Aldo Colombini) You show four Circles alternated with four Crosses. Four cards are left aside. The other four cards turn out to be Circles then all Crosses the other four are all Stars Running Time Approximately 37min