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Available from The classic gamblers story has been updated into a unique pirate routine. Show three cards with treasure map backs. Two of the cards are shown to have jolly roger flags on the front and the third has a treasure chest. As the performer shuffles through the cards slowly making it obvious where the treasure is He tells the story of an encounter with a pirate who gave him a chance to win the treasure. No matter how fair and slowly the cards were moved the treasure was never where it should be Arrrrh . . . you kidding me Where does the treasure hide is all they can say. But the reason the treasure cant be found is because its being protected by the scurvy pirate Loose Tooth Louie Louies picture is revealed and the game is brought to a surprising conclusion Pirate Monte is fun for all ages but its more than the classic gamblers game. Four other performance ideas and other bonuses have been added making this a real treasury of tricks. Comes with specially printed cards card wallet and DVD.