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Available from What is the impact of these routines on a real audience See for yourself everything has been shot in front of a real audience. And the reactions leave no doubt its a bombshell Only cards Yes but so spectacular. Dominique Duvivier reveals routines that made his success through hundreds of performances at the Double Fond. And if you like secrets you will not be disappointed. Some creations share until now only with a rare few are disclosed here for your eyes only. The Devilish Cut The Garcia/Duvivier 4 Aces Music of The Fingers Tripartite Conference Happy Hands The Triple Facer Like Hamman The Fingerprint Toulagli Bicycle Open Prediction Double Open Prediction Fruit dOr Wild CardOne of the most creative thinkers and performers in magic. - Paul Gertner With Duvivier we remain speechless in front of the structure of his performances based on a diabolical choreography naturally linking steps ahead of the audience. A great lesson. - David Stone You will fall under the charm and the ascendancy of the magic universe of a bewitching visionary and so personal creator that it will be surely difficult to recover from that.. - Gaetan Bloom No wonder he is regarded as one of Europes best card magicians. - Harry Rise Duvivier is in my opinion one of the greatest artist-magicians of the world. - Jean-Jacques Sanvert His magic is an incredible collection of masterpieces and unending source of inspiration for close-upmen all over the world. - Boris Wild If you ever are in Paris you simply must see Dominique perform at the Double Fond. The theater is perfect. The performance legendary. - Bob Kohler Total Running Time Approximately 3hr 46min