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Available from New tool new performance this portfolio is designed for your credit cards your cash credit card vouchers etc ... will allow you crazy routines that you do not even suspect the possibilities in your wildest dreams. It is supplied with a leather wallet looks in that you can use every day with or without magic. A second identical but fake portfolio that allows to exchange all that you want. You can use one or the other or both every day. A recorded DVD will give several demonstrations and detailed explanations of several possibilities with this new wallet of a revolutionary design in its execution ... The Pocket Wallet is used professionally by Dominique for many years. You can with the Pocket Wallet do routines of his own cult its 1 tickets including (publication From Old to New Volume 1). There is in the design of the Pocket Wallet Machiavellian ideas of Dominique Duvivier as you know it but also by Michael Weber and Roger Klause. This Pocket Wallet is the first of a series of portfolios to come. What it is delivered with the Pocket Wallet - 2 leather portfolios (a fake and a normal) - A DVD with demonstrations explanations bonus with some other potential uses EFFECT You take a ticket of 20 . The magician comes the contents of his portfolio a 50 note and a 100. The wizard offers the viewer the following game Ill take your ticket and my ticket 20 of 50 ... I will put these two tickets in your hand (20 and 50) and one out if you get to know which is in your hand you win my 100 If you lose you should not pay. Honest right The magician puts two tickets as I said in spring and one for him the 20 bill clearly. A magical gesture and in a split second the ticket 20 has just been transformed into 50 note The spectator opens his hand and finds his ticket 20 The magician shows the ticket 100 unfortunately lost by the viewer. All tickets are left for consideration ... then placed in