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Available from A tower that bears its name. Do not make the mistake of missing this trick. Just read the following. All that will be described is the strict reality. If you do not want this then it will be fully informed decision but you deprive yourself of one of the most devastating in the cards. You show your audience four maps. A card is left face down on the table. You hold the other three sides very clearly in the air. These are three of ten. But these three maps are especially bizarre because if you return the ten of spades face down and you showcase again this small package only one card face up but in addition a fourth card has to materialize in your hands. It starts strong. Two come to magical phenomena occur. Are you interested in then put the card on the carpet. You show this to be another ten of spades. Two ten of spades. It is not very academic. Do not worry a little snap of the fingers and the ten of spades becomes ace of spades. Its already much better. Third magical effect. Then you take a break. Youre watching your audience. And the most serious of the world you claim that there has never been a ten in your game Never. Besides of course the royal flush in spades. You return all the cards and learn then a ten jack queen king and ace of spades. The unbeatable poker hand. All maps are clearly displayed front and back. Fourth magic first big success and that this tour will offer you and believe it it will not last. Strengths Bicycle Maps format Very simple implementation Tour extremely clean All cards are clearly shown at the end of the routine face and back. No doubt the 10 were indeed transformed into royal straight flush. AmazingRunning Time Approximately 40mins