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Available from Generation Extreme by Brian Tudor Effect This is an instructional card magic DVD featuring routines that have won Brian Tudor International recognition as one of the leading card manipulators in the world. There are no camera tricks and everything is shown at actual speed. Prepare yourself. Youre going to have to watch each explanation hundreds of times before you start to get it. Youll have to practice even more before it looks good in your hands. In the process youll drop tens of thousands of cards. Throughout your training youll destroy five or more decks per day. When Tudor performs he just kinda does it. Like an Olympic athlete hes performing a routine thats been practiced thousands of times leading up to this moment. When hes on stage his mind goes to a place where individual moves become instinctual... he doesnt have to remember to do a Riffle Pass one moment and a Throw Change the next any more than he has to remember to breathe or flex his heart muscle sixty times a minute. Sports psychologists have a word for this place--they call it THE ZONE. If a stranger walked up to us and asked if wed recommend this DVD wed say no. Wed say hed probably hate it. Wed guess that hes probably nowhere near skilled enough with cards or devoted or focused enough even to appreciate it. You have to earn this DVD. Its not for everyone. Its probably not for him and its probably not for you. But if you are one of the few who MUST be at the cutting edge in the development of visual card magic there is nothing we can say to keep you away from this DVD. And that being said this is probably your best resource for whats new with cards. Prerequisites Born to Perform Card Magic with Oz Pearlman Pyrotechnic Pasteboards with Gregory Wilson Card Stunts with Gregory Wilson Minimum recommended daily practice time 4 hours. Six Full Length Routines Show Off Triumph 3 Follow the Queen The Man from New York Hypnotic