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Whether in their home country the Czech Republic or in France, Germany, the Netherlands or Austria, Khoiba have impressed the audience at more than 50 gigs and festivals. "Live performances are very important to us and always very special events full of emotions. We are pleased when the audience gets carried away and when we get their positive feedback", the band says, and one can tell that music plays a big part in their lives. "The best way to show your thoughts and feelings is music. We are fascinated by music and this feeling is getting stronger every day...". In Prague, Khoiba is very popular. A popularity that has, in the meantime, reached the whole of the Czech Republic and is spreading rapidly. The band goes their own ways. In contrast to many other Czech bands, Khoiba likes to experiment with musical ideas and does not fit into any pattern: "There are many great bands and many good singers in our country, but most of them sound rather similar and the radio stations mostly play the same things. We put ideas and emotions into our music and realize that our music finds more and more response with the audience. The cover fits in this context, an eyecatcher, without a doubt, and was designed by the photographer and graphic designer Tomáš Kaidl, a friend of the band. Khoiba has worked with Kaidl already in the past ("Dilemma" EP). With their debut album, Khoiba has produced an extraordinary first work, according to their motto „Expect nothing but the best, that shows the potential of the young band from Prague. It´s only a matter of time until you are also trapped by Khoiba.