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Nice Traps the title of Khoiba´s debut album hits the nail on the head, and the cover, displaying a young attractive lady who has obviously trapped an insect, shows: Hear it once and you will be trapped by the captivating melodies of the successful Czech band, trapped in a world of music from which you do not really want to escape anymore. Ema Brabcová, who is not only outstanding at singing, but obviously also playing the synthesizer, and Filip Míšek (guitar, synthesizer) are Khoiba. The band, found in May 2002 and at home in the Czech capital Prague, is completed by Petr Šámal (bass) and Jan Malich (drums). The lyrics are from Ema Brabcová. The musical history of the members of the band reaches far back. Filip Míšek and Petr Šámal met many years ago and played together in a band called "hummingbird". At about the same time, Filip Míšek started with the band "roe-deer". This is where he met the gifted singer Ema Brabcová. Pretty soon they both knew that they wanted to make a different sort of music - and Khoiba was born. The name Khoiba, by the way, is a fictional creation of bassist Petr Šámal. Nowadays, Ema Brabcová, Filip Míšek, Petr Šámal and Jan Malich concentrate exclusively on Khoiba - with due success. The sound of Khoiba is an inspired interplay of electronic music and clear, melodious guitar tunes, a creative down-tempo mix full of ideas, that creates an exceptional and special atmosphere. A great part in this surely has Ema Brabcová with her distinctive and expressive voice that immerses you in the partly spheric and catchy Khoiba tunes.