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or The racism between white people and black people are never ending and quite silly. I heard a white person call black people the color of doodoo. And I heard a black person call white people bird shit droppings. How terrible are we to each other? The name calling. The violence. The hate. The prejudice. We shouldn’t be like this. We should finally see that we are greater together than apart. I thought about an Oreo cookie and wondered why we can’t be like an Oreo. Two chocolate disks with a sweet cream filling in between. I mean without the cream, the cookie sucks. And without the disks, the cookie sucks. I know some people will eat just the creamy center and trash the rest, but that’s not how an Oreo should be treated. It’s the balance that makes Oreo cookies delicious. Ice cold milk. Maybe even chocolate milk. Dipping the cookie in the milk, so good, anyway… White people. Black people. We need to get together as one. Maybe even have Oreo cookies and milk million man march. Face it, we are never going to escape each other so we might as well learn to love each other. We’re not rats running amuck in mazes choosing between Oreo cookies and cocaine according to a new study. We’re people. Let’s be more civilized. Let’s choose unity.