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For all your music needs ►► Watch Jacob Latimore "What Are You Waiting For" ►► Britney Spears stops by The Ellen Show to talk about her "Britney Jean" album, being a bad girl, and spin the bottle with Ryan Gosling! Hey Britney Army, thanks for hanging out with us here on ClevverMusic. As you know, Britney's new album "Britney Jean" is out! Britney stopped by to see Ellen Degeneres and Ellen asked her about her new album's name. It turns out "Britney Jean" is a very bad girl, take a look.So this is something new! Now we know "Britney Jean" is when Brit's being her feisty self! We like it. This makes so much for sense now with the tone of the album. While on Ellen, Britney also explained her new song called "Till It's Gone" is about her recent breakup and on writing the song, "'s healthy...very therapeutic and good for you to do that." We agree. And we like Brit getting personal. Speaking of relationships, Ellen had to pry on Britney's Mickey Mouse Club past. When Ellen tries to get Britney to confess to kissing Ryan Gosling, she boldly denies it.Ryan Gosling a liar? Say it isn't so! Cute that Britney stuck to her guns and said she only kissed JT. Do you believe her? And what do you think about "Britney Jean" being her bad girl nickname?! Thanks for watching your music news here on ClevverMusic. I'm Misty Kingma, see you next time. - Visit our website! - Facebook Fan Page! - Follow Us! - Follow Misty!