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The handpan (hang, bells, halo, etc.) is the protagonist of 'Loris Lombardo's handpan concert'. It is an instrument which, despite its being one of the world's most modern music tools, features antique, eastern-like sounds.Loris is a searcher of sounds, a discoverer of musical timbres and instruments from all over the world; he mixes different styles deriving from different traditions. All through his concert, Loris takes you on a journey into sound by playing both the hang and other instruments from far-away traditions such as tabla, darbika, cajon, drums, vibes, glockenspiel, udu, but also from the natural world: nuts, sea-shells, bones among others.Loris's handpan project was the inspiration for 'TIMBRICA', the sound experiment Loris achieved in 2012 with 'sound artisan' DANILO RAIMONDO', which was awarded First Prize at PERCFEST, the Percussions European Contest, in 2012. 'TIMBRICA' CD was released in May 2013 and can be purchased by sending an e-mail to lorislombardo@lorislomb