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After party : Included with this video. There was cake.Live Stream Snapdragon 80514:00 Kyle from Newegg TV joins us!16:00 R9 290 Flashing to 290X is no longer a thing18:00 Next gen consoles? (WII U FTW!)19:40 James Howells loses $7.5M worth of bitcoins...22:40 EVGA 780Ti 6GB!25:25 Twitter blitz with Kyle!43:55 iBuyPower's Steam Machine Prototype53:39 Kyle takes off for the night53:50 Nvidia to refresh Titan???58:08 Linus is a fanboy59:25 Powercolor went crazy.1:02:15 Razer kraken 4 Headphones & Evil Genius Branded eSports peripherals 1:09:42 Twitter Blitz1:14:23 Star Citizen Breaks $32 million1:18:26 PowerUp 3.0 Remote Controlled Paper Airplane1:21:05 Black Friday Death Kill1:23:52 Dell UltraSharp 4k 24" Monitor1:27:50 Rumble Jumps on things...1:29:07 Slick's Dog is Awesome1:29:30 US Government Caught Pirating Software1:31:50 City of Vancouver Bans Door Knobs1:34:30 Linus Get's Google Glass, Diner Owner Bans from his Restaurant