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Emile Hirsch is a crappy choice to play John Belushi in the recently announced biopic -- at least according to Belushi's brother Jim, who gave his fully biased opinion on who should get the gig. Jim Belushi was at LAX when he said he likes Emile as an actor -- just not as an actor playing the late great Belushi ... and instead thought Robert Belushi should play him. Of course, Robert Belushi is Jim's son, so it's hardly an objective choice on his part. But he did offer a couple of good reasons why 33-year-old Robert could do it-- including the whole blood line thing. Kiyoshi Kurosawa, director of Seventh Code , says he was "very surprised" to win the best director and technical contribution awards at the Rome Film Festival on Sunday. It's kind of a big deal that Emerson College is changing the name of its school of communication. The college in Boston will rename the school -- for one day only -- the Ron Burgundy School of Communication on Dec. 4 to honor the fictitious television anchorman.