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or IFW7.2 Andrea vs Mia rematch That was a blessed day for IFW fans: Olly assaulted Robi from beginning to end in IFW7_1, then she had the chance to watch Mia going against Andrea. And that is when Olly got seriously worried as she would have steppend on the mats with Mia for IFW7_3 right after this one. Terminator-Mia wants to take all she can against a determined and aggressive Andrea. Mia smiles with confidence and Andrea attacks with pace and sudden moves trying to avoid Mia's inescapable holds. The peculiarity of the match is the way Andrea fights the stronger opponent. Her will and determination are depicted on her face and in her eyes. She gives more than she has, she tries all, she really can not force herself to give up even when the sitution is hopeless. This match is here to show how IFW girls are truly involved and passionate about what they do. Andrea is often trapped, sometimes even subdued, blocked and helpless... and she withstands pain with great endurance and will. And indeed she fights back, and doesn't miss the smallest opening to put a scissor on Mia and squeeze as hard as she can! It is simply not possible to Watch this without suffering with her and instinctively cheering her up. It's a matter of emotions.