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Hundreds of looters in the central Philippines grab food from a ship washed ashore by Typhoon Haiyan. Aid has been slow to reach the worst hit areas devastated more than a week ago by the super storm. Hunger is setting in and people are growing desperate. Many have no choice but to take what they can from warehouses or abandoned shops. Tensions are high. One shop owner shot dead two men. He said they were trying to rob him. The wife of one of the dead men said he was simply trying to retrieve his vehicle. Many survivors prefer to leave the destruction, even leaving their elderly relatives behind. In tears, this woman says that her mother-in-law refused to abandon her hometown but the rest of the family had no choice but to leave as there was no water or food. As the sun rose on Saturday, the death toll from the storm surged to around 4,000, but the aid effort is still so patchy bodies lie uncollected in many stricken communities.