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Amid the devastation in Tacloban, tales of survival, resilience and generosity towards others are emerging daily.One concerns a small girl called Aisha.She lost all her family when the super typhoon struck. She has now been taken in by Rodulfo Fernandez who himself has lost five relatives. “Her whole family was wiped out,” explained Rodulfo. “The wind was so strong that many were blown out to the sea. Aisha clung on to something for hours, maybe it was a tree, and survived that way. I don’t actually know how she managed to do it. It is hard to believe.”Despite his own loss, Rodulfo said he felt obliged to care for the traumatised Aisha whom he has renamed Christa in the hope that eventually she will be able to view her nightmare as a new beginning.In the meantime, what is left of his own family is taking one day at a time.