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Halle Berry as Catwoman didn't seem like a bad idea on paper, but onscreen, it turned out to be a whole different story. It's hard to pick just one problem with this flop, but the one that angered the most fans was the fact the movie completely ignored Catwoman's origins, and even her real name. Known in the comics as Selina Kyle, the film saddled her with the moniker Patience Phillips, which was ironic because "patience" was the last thing audiences had with this dud. Costarring Sharon Stone as the villain and Benjamin Bratt as Patience's love interest, the movie was a laughingstock before it even unspooled. It wasn't a matter of if the movie was going to bomb; it was how badly it was going to bomb. Guys, if your girlfriend catches you watching this one, they have every right to start laughing at you.