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Outrage on the streets of Lahore over U.S. drone strikes carried out on Pakistani soil. The demonstrations come on the same day that security sources told reuters that the head of the Pakistani Taliban was killed in such a strike. Hakimullah Mehsud, who was believed to be in his mid-30s and was one of Pakistan's most wanted men, has been reported dead several times before. A senior Taliban commander confirmed the report. The U.S. has a $5 million bounty on his head. Pakistan publicly opposes drone strikes. However, some government officials have admitted the strikes had limited support among Pakistani officials. The United States has carried out 377 drone strikes in Pakistan since 2004, according to the Bureau of Investigative Journalism. The death toll from such strikes is estimated as high as 3,613. Most of the dead are militants, although their rank is often unclear, Pakistani security sources have told Reuters. The government forbid m