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Movie: Venky, Starring: Ravi Teja, Sneha, Ashutosh Rana, Directed by: Srinu Vaitla, Produced by: Atluri Purnachandra Rao, Written by: Kona Venkat, Music by: Devi Sri Prasad, Language: Telugu, Country: India, Release date(s): March 26, 2004. Plot: Venkateswarlu (Ravi Teja) is a wayward youth in Vizag who roams around with his friends Suribabu (Srinivasa Reddy), Ramana (Chitram Seenu) and Bujji (Ramachandra) all the time. One day he - along with his three buddies - accidentally gets selected in police selections. Venky and his friends embark on a journey from Vizag to Hyderabad to join police academy for the training. He falls in love with a co-passenger Sravani (Sneha) aboard the train. Sravani refuses the instant proposal of Venky. He also picks up a row in a state of inebriation with Sravani's father and another girl and threatens them that he would kill them. Next Morning, Surprisingly Sravani’s Father and a Co-Passenger are found Murdered. Feared of Being Blamed, Venky and his friends run away to the Hyderabad Police Academy, which is ran by Yogendra Sharma (Ashutosh Rana). There, in a TV Channel, It is reported that Four Guys killed Two Passengers in the Godavari Express. To avoid Suspection, they go to Yogendra Sharma’s Room and Change their date of entry. But they hide under a table only to know that the Murders were done by a Hired Killer by Yogendra Sharma, but their main objective was to kill Sravani. During the supposed night, Venky escapes from the Field Craft training and goes to rescue Sravani. He, after rescuing Sravani, shifts her to an old bungalow near the Police Academy and asks her to save herself, though not relying on him. Sravani believes Venky’s words and a small feeling of love buds in her, which she confesses to Venky on her Birthday. Later, on the directions of Venky, Sravani makes a call to Yogendra Sharma which leads to the discussion of a video cassette. Venky hurts the phone thus ending the call while the murderer fails to kill...