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All seven presentation segments together in a single video (3 hours and 6 minutes long). Synopsis: Segment 1: Introduction (29:00) -- author's background -- overview of book's contents -- discussion of God's commandments, and attributes which God considers righteous or wicked -- warnings from prophets concerning secret societies and wolves in sheep's clothing -- overview of the nature of conspiracy Segment 2: Origins and Foundations (30:04) -- Understanding the culture of secret societies -- Moses chapter 5: Cain and the following generations -- Brotherhood sexual bonding, Nixon tape -- Ether chapter 8: secret societies led to the destruction of the Jaredites -- Mystery Schools and Mystery Babylon -- "exoteric" and "esoteric", and "two pairs of eyes" Segment 3: Ancient Egypt (31:05) -- Manly P. Hall's material on Ancient Egyptian priests and their occult powers -- reality of metaphysical powers by initiates of secrecy groups -- the Fable of Osiris Segment 4: Comparison of Kingdom Structures (9:10) -- The Lord's Church: a disclosed planar hierarchy -- The kingdom of the devil: a hidden pyramidal hierarchy -- what Mystery School initiates believe Segment 5: Modus Operandi (28:46) -- Mystery School beliefs in Reincarnation and Karma -- Intertwined symbology -- Historical manifestations of Mystery Schools -- Infiltration is most important tactic -- Elaborate Deception goes a long way -- Ancient psychological conditioning systems Segment 6: Smoke, Mirrors and Freemasonry (22:33) -- Need-to-know concerning Freemasonry -- Leaders of Western nations who are verified to be Freemasons -- Review of early LDS involvement in Freemasonry, including Joseph Smith's murder -- Quotes about the deeply occult nature of Freemasonry -- Summary of a former co-worker's first-hand experience Segment 7: Post-Presentation Discussions (37:35) -- supporting video clips and attendee comments: advanced technology, conspiracy evidence, suspicious deaths, conditioning of the public, etc.