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There Are Save Two Churches Only Presentation Compilation -- February 2013 Video 7: Post-Presentation Discussions (37:35) -- Tim Russert (from Meet the Press) confronting both Bush and Kerry in 2004 about being Skull and Bones initiates -- Alex Jones's confrontation with former presidential advisor David Gergen about the pagan activities at Bohemian Grove -- Christian activist Mark Dice's calls to nationally syndicated conservative talk radio shows during 2006 -- Andrew Breitbart's untimely death (43 years old) three weeks after the 2012 CPAC, where he announced live that he was going to release "videos from Obama's college days" in order to expose him -- Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory TV episode concerning top secret "Directed Energy" technology, and its varied applications (both benign and weaponized); whistleblower Fred Bell died of suspicious circumstances less than 48 hours after his segments were filmed -- Jesse Ventura's federally-barred-from-being-broadcast final episode of season 3, which focused on exposing the TSA as a Constitutionally-exempt entity, and their deliberate practice of hiring suspected and convicted sex offenders and pedophiles -- how the conspirators use conditioning to gradually coerce the public into complacency, and how it is possible for "authorized entities" to access individual DVR machines (such as Tivo), Apple IOS devices, and Google Android devices to delete any files or data that they wish, without any required consent from the device owners / service subscribers.