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Researchers from the University of Saint Andrews in Scotland have reportedly built the fastest spinning man made object in the world. Researchers from the University of Saint Andrews in Scotland reportedly built the fastest spinning man-made object in the world only to have it disappear before their eyes. By spinning a microscopic sphere made of calcium carbonate at up to 600 million revolutions per minute, the researchers have pushed the boundaries of physics.According to Doctor Michael Mazilu, a newly appointed lecturer at the University of Saint Andrews: “ The rotation rate is so fast that the angular acceleration at the sphere surface is one billion times that of gravity on the Earth surface. It's amazing that the centrifugal forces do not cause the sphere to disintegrate.” The sphere, which was four millionths of a meter in diameter, disappeared during the experiment when it reached maximum speed. Researchers are still trying to figure out what caused it to disappear. The sphere was contained in a vacuum using laser light to hold it in place and facilitate the spinning motion. The spinning was so fast it created a gyroscopic effect, stabilizing around the sphere’s rotation axis.