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Nigerian refugees cross a river border into neighbouring Niger. According to the United Nations, Nigeria's ongoing military offensive against Islamist militants is forcing thousands to flee the country. Many of the refugees are women with children who were caught in the crossfire between government forces and insurgents. (SOUNDBITE) (Haoussa) NIGERIAN REFUGEE, FATI MOUSSA, SAYING: "The army started shooting, but what was terrifying was Boko Haram. They were cutting people's throats. I saw it with my own eyes. The night Boko Haram came into the village, they shot at everyone, they beat everyone, men and women." This man said the situation remains unstable with the military using heavy artillery and bombs to root out extremists. The crackdown was launched mid-May and targets militant group Boko Haram as well as spin-off fundamentalist organizations. The influx of displaced Nigerians is straining Niger's already meagre food and water resources.