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One side of his face is of a Good Samaritan who respects all human being from younger to elder; the other part is of a Dada who fights with gun and talwar. Each name of his has a story behind it. His wife is the only person who knows everything about him. There is yet another person whom he loves more than his life - his sister Goutami. This illiterate brother forfeitures his life to educate his sister the way she wants - from primary school to MBBS! Even for her, brother is everything and is so affectionate towards him but does not know from where and how he gets money for her education. But for how long this masked truth can sustained? What happens when the sister comes to know about the bitter truth, who strongly believes that there is nothing called small crime or big crime? A crime is a crime. This brings a twist in the film and he handled the situation very well. And he again proves as the best as always.